The RE/MAX network has topped 110.000 agents worldwide!

Big news: The RE/MAX network has topped 110.000 agents worldwide! In the third quarter of 2016, the network gained in the U.S., in Canada and in the rest of the world. In fact, RE/MAX has grown each quarter for the past 4 years. What does this mean for you. Well, as you know, RE/MAX agents use the same computer network, meaning when we post your home on our network, all agents in Luxembourg will check amongst their buyer’s list if they don’t happen to have a buyer for you. So, the more agents, the easier it gets to sell your home. And vice versa, the more homes we list, the easier it is for all you buyers to find your dream home. Furthermore, more agents means more yard signs all over the country which strengthens the brand, which in turn attracts more buyers and sellers. Call us today with your real estate questions and know you’re in good hands.

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