How sellers sell homes

In this video we’ll look at how sellers decide to put their home on the market.

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« In July 2017 I decided to sell my duplex in Bereldange. Being somewhat put-off by the 3% commission charge of the real estate agencies, I initially attempted to sell the duplex privately. During the first couple of weeks, the number of requests I received to view the duplex was limited, but I was inundated with calls from real estate agencies. Finally, some three weeks in, I was finding it hard to manage the sale myself due to professional commitments, and indeed the flow of requests was still very slow, excepting the agencies, who were somewhat aggressive in their approach without providing any concrete reasoning as to engaging with them. That is, until I spoke with Marco.   From the first conversation, I felt Marco had a different approach, and he was very articulate in explaining why it would be much better for me, despite the commission charge, to work with an agency, and particularly his agency, Re-max. We then arranged an in-person meeting to further discussions, where he provided an overview of the agency, his marketing approach, how he would tackle the sale, etc. Despite my initial reluctance, Marco convinced me this was the way to go, and I signed a two-months engagement in early August. Throughout all of the interactions from then on, Marco was open and honest in his approach, available, and very conscientious in all his dealings with prospective buyers and me as the seller. A compromis for the duplex was signed at the end of August, and the notary act completed in mid-October. I have already provided Marco’s contact details to colleagues who are looking to buy a property in Luxembourg, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone considering selling their property in Luxembourg »
- Robert James Glover

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