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Financial Aid For Homebuyers In Luxembourg

For the purchase of your home in Luxembourg, you can benefit from the following financial aids, interest reductions and tax benefits. 1. A subsidy for home acquisitions The amount of this subsidy is calculated on the basis of your income and your family status, provided that you are the first occupant of the dwelling. You can only benefit from this aid once. 2. A savings credit This aidt is allocated under certain conditions and is only awarded to you once. 3. A governement guarantee for home loans The government guarantees your mortgage in case you don’t have the funds to do so yourself. 4. An Interest rate reduction A reduction in interest rates will reduce your monthly mortgage payments. This reduction is only awarded once and under certain conditions. 5. An Interest rate reduction for public officials This interest rate reduction, which lowers monthly mortgage payments, can be applied for by government officials only. 7. Tax benefits for home purchases, including: Interest rate reduction for home financing Reduction of the interest expense of the building, if your building is not yet occupied Reduction of social security contributions and insurance premiums Reduction of home-purchase contributions Tax credit (Bëllegen Akt) For more information, please visit the following [...]

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