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Below, I’ve come up with a table that shows the differences between how I work and how my competitors work. Click on the “i” icon to find out more. 

I’m passionate about my work and make sure I over-deliver on each transactions so my customers are satisfied and recommend me to their friends. Fill out the contact form to get in touch with me.

Working With Me Working With Other Agents

Home Assessments
All my home evaluations are based on real data from roughly 750 RE/MAX transactions annually. Based on list prices as found on online portals. Or even worse, some just guess.

Home Assessments
I don't exaggerate home assessments. They’ll overestimate your home value on purpose so you’ll sign with them (so you’ll be signing with a liar).

Home Assessments
I’ll hand over a printed booklet with my evaluation and other information. No calculations, no documentation.

You’ll know upfront what our commission is. Typically 3% plus VAT. They’ll lower their commission as they won’t have any other arguments to get your listing.

We have an active local network of 180 motivated agents, all of which can bring clients to buy your home. No network.

We have a powerful, international brand, represented by our balloon logo that’s recognized by clients worldwide. RE/MAX sells more homes than any other company in the world. Local mom-and-pop shop means no international clients.

Marketing Plan
I have in place a proven marketing plan and will implement it from top to bottom. They'll put up a sign and post on www.athome.lu, that’s all. You could do that just as easily by yourself.

Marketing Plan
Professional photos. Badly lit photos made with iPhone.

Marketing Plan
Flyers. No flyers.

Marketing Plan
High quality printed brochure. No brochure.

Marketing Plan
Open houses. No open houses.

Marketing Plan
RE/MAX branded for sale signs. Sign from their mom-and-pop shop.

Marketing Plan
Prestige ads on www.athome.lu. Standard ads.

Marketing Plan
I also post your ads on Immotop.lu, Wortimmo.lu, remax.lu, Instagram, Facebook, www.marcokasel.com. Many small agencies’ budgets are too small to post on all portals, so they’ll use only one.

RE/MAX cooperates with all other agencies in Luxembourg, no questions asked. Small agencies don’t cooperate as they don’t want to share their commission.

Client Qualification
I only bring qualified clients to showings. Without a network, they’ll attract less customers and thus will bring those they can find, even the non-qualified ones.

All purchase offers are made on paper with buyer signatures. They’ll transmit offers aurally so you have no proof of what price buyers actually offered.

I’ll lead the negotiations all the way to the end to get you the most money for your sale. They’ll push you to sign the first offer they can get.

Contract Type
Exclusive. Non-exclusive.

No salary - only commissions. Base salary and minimal commissions.